April 13, 2021

Plan an Epic Guy’s Trip


Gather the guys and hit the road for the ultimate boys’ weekend. Whether you are putting together the craziest bachelor party for your best bud or planning a memorable weekend with your crew, we have put together the perfect plan to guarantee an unforgettable time.

Determine who will Make the Cut

One of the most important factors when planning your trip is determining who you want to partake in the shenanigans. Generally, when taking any trip, you want to be sure to select your closest friends with who you enjoy spending time with. Keep in mind, some friends may back out at the last minute or some friends may invite additional guests which will increase the group size so be sure to plan for the influx accordingly.

Red River | Guthrie, KY

Select a Destination

Before determining your trip location, consider the type of activities you enjoy doing with friends. Some of the top activities to consider include fishing, hunting, skeet-shooting, 4-wheeling, river rafting, hiking, and brew tours. Whatever you have in mind for your boys’ getaway, be sure to select the right location that will cater to your top activities. Tucked amongst the rolling hills of Kentucky is a 4.5 historic estate called The Old Oaks Farm that is the perfect location with all sorts of activities close by.

The Old Oaks Farm | Guthrie, KY

Pick a Date

Another important factor to consider is the time of year and the type of weather you prefer to spend some quality time with the guys. Maybe you want some cooler weather to sit outside by our custom-built outdoor entertainment areas with firepits and light up a cigar and enjoy some Kentucky whiskey. Or maybe you prefer warmer weather for river rafting and fishing at the Red River a few miles down the road? Whatever you prefer, The Old Oaks Farm offers has an array of outdoor activities to host an epic guys trip.

Remember to Have a Good Time

Above all else, remember this is a trip for you and your crew to get away from reality and have a healthy detox from work and other responsibilities back home, so be sure to relax, unwind and enjoy quality time with your friends and make lasting memories.